Skip-care : advocate the return to the essentials for perfect skin

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Want to save time in your bathroom while pampering your skin?Exit the extended beauty routine consisting of many steps.The minimalist Korean skip-care ritual, in the budget, is for you!In only two steps you can complete a best routine For your skin.Let's discover it.

What is the famous skip-care routine ?

Your skin can react differently if it lacks care or if it has received too much.Skip-care brings the right necessary, it considerably reduces the quantity of products in your care routine, going to the essentials of what your epidermis needs while focusing on its real needs and favoring quality to theamount.

What are the steps of a minimalist routine ?

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The idea of skip-care is to favor the quality of products rather than their quantity.This Minimalist Korean Beauty Routine comes down in two considerable steps: cleaning and skin hydration.

1- Cleaning

The stage of cleaning your skin There remains one of the most essential to keep for a minimalist beauty routine.You remove your face and then you come to clean it.You can go directly to cleaning if you don't make up.For this step, favors mild cleaning gels so as not to attack your skin.So !Your skin is ready for good hydration.

2- Hydration

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Is your face perfectly cleaned?It's time for hydration.For this step, the care to be selected and adopted depends on yourskin type :

  • You have oily skin!You are supposed to choose a gel or cream with a light texture so as not to overload your skin.
  • You have normal to mixed skin!You have to choose a fairly moisturizing but light cream for concomitantly, regulate excess sebum and bring water to dehydrated areas.
  • You have dry skin!You can feed her in depth and meet her needs using an enriched nourishing cream.

So you understood it, adopting skip-care comes down to the use of few products but which meet your skin while leaving it breathing.So why do more?Without further ado, skip-care is the routine to adopt!