Skin Care Routine: regenerate your skin thanks to the namasy ritual

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Do you want to have matified, radiant and glowy skin?You already have it if you take care of it.For having tinted radiant, several stages of the facial skincare suitable for your skin nature are to be preferred and maintaining over time.You will harvest its fruits and your skin will thank you.

A act of several millennia, the ritual of Namasté allows you to give your tired epidermis a boost.The secret of its effectiveness?Hydration + massage.Yes, it's as simple as that.

Hydration: a beauty secret that has not aged

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The fact that you can see your eyes is not necessarily linked to a lack of sleep ...

Did you know that dehydration could cause drowsiness?

60 % of your body consists of water.

Only here ... To regulate your internal temperature, every day, your body gets rid of a portion of its liquids through perspiration.

If you do not take this deficit into account, you may have a heat stroke.

Massage: a well-being technique at the service of beauty

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No matter the active ingredients of your evening cream, if you use it badly, don't expect to have results.By putting it roughly on your face, you do not allow it to act as it should.

In order to make your cream active penetrate, becomes a follower of homemade massage.After application of your cream, realized light circular movements, which will allow it to sink into the deep layers of the epidermis.For 2 to 3 minutes, masses your face with delicacy.

Want more efficiency?Eager to take advantage of this moment to fill your emerging wrinkles?Jade rollers and Gua Sha are the secret of the eternal youth of Asian women.Slipping on your skin like the wind caress, these instruments allow you to galvanize your epidermis.

Namasté care: the step -by -step guide

Now that you have become aware of the fundamental principles of namaster care, it's time to go deep into the routine proper.In all, you will need 8 steps to find you full satisfaction:

▪ Start your skin accumulated impurities using a little micellar water ;
▪ Use a soothing oil to repair your skin;
▪ In order to be sure that your skin is fully purified, iron a little cleaning gel ;
▪ Some vaporizer pschitt to refresh the epidermis ;
▪ Used anti-aging serum to fight signs of time ;
▪ Eliminate dark circles with a special eye contour treatment ;
▪ Repulps your skin with a facial cream applied during a massage;
▪ Take a few minutes to express your gratitude.