The secrets of a good day and a good night

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Sleep is a moment that you should learn to cherish in the depths of your heart.This therapy for the body and for the soul is based on the balance between corticotrophin-hormone which wake us up naturally in the morning and the melatonin hormone night which activates at night to ensure good sleep.But do you know that a good day is the magic key of a good night?And yes, not one without the other, they are false inseparable and essential twins.

Good daily practices for the assurance of well-being

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The quality of your sleep strongly depends on the course of your day.In other words, the more good habits you adopt during the day, the more likely you are to sleep well like a loor after dark.

If this criterion is obvious for the most part, the fact remains that night birds are slow to understand its importance.

The daily practice of a sporting activity, exposure to solar rays are other elements that promote falling asleep.Do you have trouble recognizing yourself in this description?Maybe it's time to change your habits ...

Nevertheless, do not peaches by excess of zeal.Although sport is full of virtues, make sure to move no later than 4 hours before joining your bed to avoid enduring the opposite effect.Otherwise, adrenaline is likely to prevent you from looking at your eyes.

In the long run, biased sleep can cause harmful consequences for the heart and mind.

How to fall asleep as quickly as an infant

You eat anything and at any time?It’s a habit to ban.In addition to helping you fall asleep, a good diet is also involved in strengthening human cells.

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Dinner, for example, directly precedes sleep.In faith what, it must therefore be concocted in a very light way.Likewise, foods stuffed with sugar is to be avoided finally of the day.

If you are struggling to fall asleep, make your room a temple of relaxation.Essential oils and essences are precious allies.Lavender, chamomile and geranium are plant extracts to have on hand.Place a few drops on your pillow or in a vaporizer.Or even better ... Offers a royal treatment by pouring a few drops in your bath.

Assum that your sleep hours are fixed and regular.Once you have determined a fixed hour, make your sleep a priority.When it's time to go to bed, nothing should divert from morpheus.

An hour before bedtime, stay away from all electronic devices and screens.Being an integral part of your daily life, these screens don't want your property.Attractive of their UV rays, they stimulate the production of melatonin and prevent you from turning your eyes.