What are the different facial treatments?

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Your face is the first thing you perceive from you.On this space, the features of your personality are read.Smile, sadness, anger ... Your face is a reflection of your bad weather.Keep it in good condition so that it is faithful to your deep nature. With good gestures and good products, taking care of your face becomes child's play.

to have a healthy and glowing face naturally, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat well, regularly practice sport and carry out a cleaning morning and evening.

1)How to take Care of your face  ?

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- Use a proper makeup removal and cleansing

This first step is decisive.If you have a little knowledge of cosmetics, you can make your own makeup.By using a specific lotion, you will rid your skin of the impurities it has accumulated during the day.

Pass a cotton and makeup remover from the lower face, taking advantage of the opportunity to re-densify your skin.finally , don’t forget to apply a face toner and a Moisturizing Lotion to comfort your skin after a long day.

- Exfoliation

After makeup removal, the stage of exfoliation comes.Above all, that this term with technical consonance does not worry.This is just a cleaning affecting more than the upper layers of the epidermis.For this second step, you will need a gumming product.Thanks to a mechanical or chemical action, this beauty product will allow in -depth elimination of dead cells and better oxygenation of the cells.

- Use a face mask

Using a brush and as a function of your skin, applies a purifying mask (mixed skins), nourishing (very dry skin), hydrating (dry skin) or anti-aging (mature skin).A massage would not be too much to make the modeling more pleasant.

2) What are the devices suitable for facial care?

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Today, a multitude of devices make it possible to pamper your face without necessarily going to the institute.However, in order to avoid damaging your skin (and ruin yourself), you have to make a careful selection of these.

If you should only hold a few, the items mentioned below should have all your attention.

- Facial sauna

Equipped with a tank and a generator, this device heats the water and instantly sends heat to the face.No need to struggle with a towel above a hot water basin.The facial sauna is effective and safe.Purifying, it repairs and softens the skin.

- The face brush

In recent years, the face brush has become the ally of all fashionistas.Ideal for unlocking pores in depth, it can operate electric or be 100 % manual.

- The microdermabrasion

This new technique has the distinction of using cutting -edge devices to eliminate dead cells.It is a mechanical scrub made from a machine that projects a great pressure capable of exfoliating the epidermis.