Snail drool: mucus with prodigious properties

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Let a snail go through your face and place its drooling secretions there ... The snail drool seems to you a absurd idea?Not at all, thanks to its active ingredients, this wonder must, no doubt, be part of your beauty allies.The proof you have it, when a snail breaks its shell, it happens to reconstruct it thanks to its drool, so I let you imagine its repairing effects on your skin ...

The benefits of snail slime:

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Do you dream of a hydrated, toned and bright epidermis?The snail drool has several virtues since Antiquity, which helps prevent, relieve and remove different types of diseases and skin problems in a safe and natural way.

➢ Repair and regenerate your epidermis

Do you suffer from scars due to acne, eczema, burns or sun exposure pimples?The solution that will give you breathtaking long -term effects is the snail drool by regenerating, soothing and repairing epidermal tissues thanks to its composition of the allantoin.

➢ Fight against skin aging

Have you certainly heard of the famous collagen?With age or because of other factors such as pollution, a deficiency in this protein is created.This certainly causes a relaxation of the skin which implies the appearance of fine lines, fine lines or stretch marks.

Good news for you!To overcome this phenomenon and to compensate for this loss of collagen, the prodigal solution is the snail drool.Nothing magical in there since it contains, naturally, this protein which gives the tissues a resistance to extensibility and stretching.

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➢ Nourish and lighten your skin

Do you want to clarify and standardize the complexion?You must then bring your epidermis the nutrients it needs and they are all present, naturally, in the snail drool.Among them, vitamin A and C which will promote the pigmentation of your skin by activating melanin, which will allow you to nourish and hydrate your epidermis and guarantee you a beautiful complexion.

➢ Form a protective barrier

Your skin undergoes on a daily basis several aggressions due in particular to pollution, the sun, the cold ... which visibly harms its beauty.On a daily basis, it is not easy for her to play the role of protective barriers!The natural way to proscribe to do it is the snail drool that will allow you to fight against these attacks and bring to your skin the weapons necessary to protect yourself.