Breathing techniques to appease the mind

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If you want to recharge your batteries, just inspire full lungs.Once in your body, oxygen molecules will be transformed into powerful relaxation agents.It’s not for nothing that many wellness medicines focus on breathing.

Inspires.Expires.This simple movement allows you to free yourself from many tensions.

Nowadays, there are several relaxation techniques to surpass these psychological problems, and one of the best remains breathing.Take a taste for the slowness of life with a rhythmic breathing.

Why relax your mind thanks to breathing exercises?

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Generally, these negative thoughts are in the event of an inability to sort the good grain of the tares.You feel helpless, you start to ruminate like an older old man.In reality, the relaxation of the mind results more from a question of will, which materializes in the form of a breathing exercise.

First of all, study your limits to avoid losing foot in the first concern.This feeling can cause irregular breathing, hence the importance of practicing relaxation exercises.These make it possible to better control the respiratory flow and thus promote the tranquility of the mind.

For example, faced with a danger, if you are not seasoned, you will breathe quickly under the effect of pressure and fear.This respiratory acceleration can be dangerous, hence the need to learn to calm and slow down your breathing.In addition, these exercises are easy to perform, and can be practiced everywhere: in the office, in the bedroom, in the garden, ...

What are the most appropriate breathing techniques for relaxation?

First of all, it is essential to adopt a good daily posture: lowered shoulders, aligned pelvis, ensure that your back remains straight.Then, plunge into the meanders of your mind to put the finger where it hurts.

- Altered breathing

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Alternate breathing makes it possible to purify interior energies, learning to breathe by one or the other of the nostrils.To do this, simply plug a nostril thanks to the directory, by expiring and inspiring the other nostril.

- Heart consistency

Very effective, cardiac coherence is to stabilize emotions by causing a slowdown in heart muscle.To do this, you must first install yourself, your back straight, on a comfortable armchair.Respires six times every minute and redo the exercise five times.

- Abdominal breathing

This technique makes it possible to better oxygenate the brain.It is done both by the belly and the nose.Sitting on the chair, put your hands on your belly.Inspire three seconds by the nose by inflating your belly, blocks the air and slowly expires through the mouth.

Now you know exactly how to overcome your stress.