Himalayan pink salt: know everything about its virtues and benefits.

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If you discover the different virtues of Himalayan pink salt, you will certainly introduce these granules rosés in your life!Himalayan pink salt, also called, salt gem and crystalline salt, is extracted from saline rocks in the heart Himalayas.Thanks to the depth of the mines which protects this salt of any external pollution, the latter is naturally rich and it does not undergo any refining or additive which makes it, In addition to its properties, a balanced condiment and healthy.

The multiple virtues of Himalaya salt :

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- Regenerate the skin :

Does not look far, the miracle and natural solution for regenerate your skin is in front of you! Pink salt Himalayas who has more than 80 nutritious minerals for the skin. The effect of this precious mineral in the bath is breathtaking, in addition thoroughly cleaning the skin, it eliminates the dead cells, to reduce the signs of aging, of prevent muscle cramps and treat some skin conditions such as acne, eczema and bites of insects. In a foot bath, it smooths the plant, relieves the Foot bulbs and eliminates the horn.

- Tone the immune system:

You are aware of the toning effect of pink salt from the Himalayas On the immune system?You will certainly be delighted to learn that he can relieve you if you suffer from problems respiratory.To take advantage of the benefits of this precious mineral, you are supposed to use salt therapy which also allows the release of the respiratory tract, to have a feeling of relaxation, of appeasement and Wellness.

Guide Two Cell:

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After discovering the different virtues of pink salt From Himalayas, the latter must be one of the must in your home. What is wonderful is that you can use it Several ways to remove the benefits:

-A cosmetics ingredient

Unlike sea salt, you can use Himalaya salt to make salt baths to allow you a detoxification and remineralization, foot baths, Purifying scrubs and mouthwash.You can also use it for cleaning the nose and eyes or for Steam inhalation and facial sauna.

-A salt lamp favoring your well-being

It must be recognized that the Himalayan salt lamp releases positive effects and waves.These allow purify the air in your house and act on meditation en promoting relaxation and decreasing stress and insomnia caused by the ions produced by the equipment electronic.
From that, let's then prove table salt full of toxins by This precious Himalaya salt!You know, your body will Rejoice!