Guarantee a moment of serenity and well-being thanks to the ritual of incense.

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Without the slightest effort provided, at home at home in your little favorite cocooning room, you can offer yourself a moment of absolute relaxation.You can be transported to the world of lavender, jasmine, that of the oud or even that of Ylang Ylang.

Through the magic of smell, you can feel different universes just by lighting the little smoke from your favorite incense.

We adopt the use of incense to trigger various sensations and benefits;Starting foul smells, add a soothing energy to our living space and refresh the atmosphere.

Why burn incense in our homes ?

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In addition to the simple and pleasant aroma, there are in fact many virtues for which humans are attracted and affected by aromatic incense.

- Promote relaxation and appeasement

At home, choose the smell that you like the most, light up in the incense, extend on a sofa in a quiet place, as you can add relaxing music and candles that create an adequate atmosphere.These smells will enhance this moment of rest and relaxation and will improve your mental peace.

- Reduce your daily stress

With the rhythms you can have in your daily life, you could find you anxious and tired.You can therefore use aromatic substance the pleasant aroma of incense to calm you down.Combustion of incense is widely used to activate parts in our brains that reduce anxiety and soothe the mind.To facilitate this path, choose extracts from aromatic herbs such as lavender, sandalwood or rosemary.

- Assist in meditation

Incense is also known for the crucial role it plays, whether it is to raise consciousness, strengthen the senses or calm the mind.When incense is spreading in the rooms in your house, the odors it gives off the passage of time to enter meditation in its large door.It’s a gentle way that transports your feelings to a spiritual place.

What is the effect of this aromatic substance on our well-being?

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Alternate breathing makes it possible to purify interior energies, learning to breathe by one or the other of the nostrils.To do this, simply plug a nostril thanks to the directory, by expiring and inspiring the other nostril.

- Heart coherence

Beyond its spiritual benefits, burning incense has another effect on our well-being.

- Incense is a remedy that improves sleep quality

Burning an incense stick before bed is a good practice to fall asleep quickly and avoid the troubles that can accompany you during the night.It’s much safer than this natural option softens, soothes and fully promotes your sleep.

- Incense perfumes awaken creativity

A well -chosen incense can greatly increase your abilities, stimulate your ideas and show your creativity.The incense sticks, lemongrass or geranium are wonderful perfumes that fully maintain your creative energies and largely strengthen the meaning of innovation.

- Incense sticks increase the concentration

The light scent of the incense promotes a state of calm, serenity and concentration, while exerting an influence on the brain, which increases its productivity.It may seem to be a better alternative than listening to music, especially when you do a job that requires a spirit of analysis and concentration. Incense is a good perfume for your well -being.Do not hesitate to enjoy it!