Colombian massage: Back to the good old days

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Massage is much more than a moment of ultimate relaxation and total decipmress, it is also a physical and mental therapy that continues to prove itself around the whole world.Of any type of massage, origin and practice, the massage has managed to take a large part in the new well -being routine of people who want to afford or offer a pure moment of relaxation.What if we talked about Colombian massage?What is the magic behind these wooden tools?

The origins of Colombian massage

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There is no shortage of studies on the benefits of massage.Also called Maderotherapy, it draws from the wild to eliminate stress and aches.

Although described as "Colombian", it is very likely that this massage is a cultural crucible.Indeed, in eastern, African, Asian and obviously pre -Columbian cultures, the wood has stolen more than once in the aid of souls in distress.

Whether it comes in the form of a roller or adopts rounded shapes, wood is a material that has been delighted with therapists for a very long time.

Is it because he carries in him the delicate murmurs of Lady Nature?Is it only because of the exacerbated pressure that he applies to the tension nodes?Miracle of nature, Colombian massage is not willing to reveal its secrets.However, one thing is certain, receiving a Colombian massage is one of these experiences that it is impossible to forget.

The benefits of Colombian massage

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Colombian massage is a formidable weapon against the beads or the horse panties.Under the effect of the weight of the wood, the tissues soften and finally agree to be reshaped.

At the way of gestures transmitted by word of mouth for centuries, the therapist has disappeared the superfluous fat.Who would have thought that prolonged contact with wood would be able to refine the silhouette?

In addition to being a slimming ally, Colombian massage is a tenor of well -being.By making long passages and accompanied by low pressure, it is able to eliminate contractures that limit your gestures.Very quickly, body and mind regain their lightness of yesteryear.

Anti -llulite, firming, Colombian massage makes it possible to redraw the silhouette in a 100 % natural way.Increasingly practiced in the institute, it is a process that deserves to be tried at least once.Be careful however ... in some, you will not be able to benefit from this well -being service.