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not all women dreams of having a mane as long as that of Rapunzel.However, all of them wants to have a healthy scalp that knows no itching or lack of rivalry.

More than a base for your phanes, the scalp is a pool in which the latter draw the nutrients essential to their growth.If you want to have long (or short) hair that is at your height, you cannot ignore the condition of your scalp.Want to give him back his superb?In three simple gestures, you will be able to galvanize this great forgotten in the cosmetic world.

1) comb your hair regularly

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Every day, dust and sebum accumulate on lengths.By letting them prosper, you will not only have oily hair but also the scalp obstructed.

To remedy it, you can be tempted to wash your hair more often.Bad idea ... Too much shampoos causes the hair fiber and the scalp.Instead, comb your hair regularly.Every 2-3 days, weapons of a main teeth comb and pass it in your mane.

If you are afraid of breakage, there is a simple but oh tip effect.Put your comb or your brush in an old sticky.Or, sliding cotton balls between the teeth of the tool.In doing so, you drain your hair without damaging it.

2) Adopt hair scrub in your routine

No, you don't dream.It is possible to make an scrub of the scalp.Like his dermatological counterpart, the latter aims to exfoliate this part of the body.

Thanks to the mechanical action of fine particles, they remove the impurities that have stayed in your hair pores.For your scalp, a weekly scrub is a breath of fresh air which allows it to regain strength.

If the products sold in supermarkets do not suit you, it is always possible to make your own homemade hair scrub.1 tablespoon of coffee grounds added to 1 spoon of vegetable oil will be enough to get a facelift.Above all, remains distant from baking soda or salt whose dehydrating effect has ravaged many.

3) Your lengths, you will disenture properly

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If you have long hair, you are surely pouting.What a plague to be meticulously separating each from this hair ... And yet, despite its unpleasant appearance, this habit will help you have a healthy scalp.

Do not forget that your attached hair tends to die more quickly.Once dead, on which medium do they fall?Scalp.Keeping your hair out of your hair, you freed your scalp with a burden that he had a hard time make sureing.