The essential products of the Moroccan beauty ritual

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What do you think of a beauty getaway in the heart of Morocco?To discover beneficial Moroccan rituals not only for your body, but also for your personal development? Beauty in Morocco is a whole ritual.It means much more than a simple application of makeup or hairstyle.Let us discover together the products, natural and effective, which found theseMoroccan beauty rites !

  • Black soap and kiss glove

Want baby's skin?Nothing is better than a pleasant hammam!The hammam is rituals of symbolic beauty of Morocco.Beyond being soothing, thanks to its vapor, it will allow you to expand the pores of your epidermis to prepare it for exfoliation. You can't talk about Moroccan hammam without mentioning the famous black soap or “The Beldi soap” which is the essential cosmetics of this bath.Thanks to its exfoliating, cleansing and relaxing virtues, and using the grainy texture of the gloves of scrub,horsehair or kiss gloves, tu pourras erase your skin, Regenerate it and soften it while freeing it from impurities and toxins.

  • Rhassoul

Le Rhassoul marocain can do, concomitantly, part of your capillary routine and Skincare.This volcanic clay Collected in Morocco is made up of many minerals and many beneficial provitamins that will purify your skin and your hair.

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  • Henna

Are you looking for a protective treatment for your hair?The solution is in front of you, the famous henna!This natural powder is a well -known ritual in Morocco.In addition to bringing them a coloring, this product will give shine, density and volume to your hair.Henna is also used as a body wrap and you can make superb temporary tattoos.

  • Argan oil

Who does not know argan oil?On your hair or your skin, this star asset, in its unorrorized version, promises you elasticity, hydration, flexibility, healing and a radiance.This product really prized for its multiple profits which comes from the argan tree, the purely Moroccan tree, is a must in beauty rituals in this country.

  • Floral waters

Are you tired of cosmetics full of chemicals?Use the base: floral waters.These hydrosols are widely used in Morocco, in particular, rose water and orange blossom.Among other things, they will allow you to hydrate your skin, purify it, slow down its aging, reduce redness and refresh your complexion.

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No need to spend all your money to buy cosmetic products.Everything you need to shine in a thousand lights is very close to you!Moroccan beauty ritual products are wonders that will immerse you in a sparkling atmosphere!

  • The Khol

Do you want to know the secret of the bewitching and intense gaze of women in the Middle East?Khôl!To enhance their eyes, this black powder is applied by Moroccan women in the lining of the eye.In addition to its aesthetic property, this product also makes it possible to clean and protect the eyes.

  • Aker El Fassi or Poppy Powder

One of the most used ingredients in Moroccan cosmetics is the Aker El Fassi.This red shade product, having many softening and moisturizing virtues, can be used as a blush, lipstick or even a mask for a GLOW effect.