New 2022 beauty techniques

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Elegant by nature, the human being does not intend to leave time or the throes of life stains his beauty.Like all your companions, you give particular importance to your physique.Inevitably, it is with a particular interest that you followed the evolution of New 2022 beauty techniques. Cranted son, cryolipolse, tailor -made cosmetics ... In 2021, estheticians and doctors outdated.

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Unfortunately, the face is the area most affected by the works of the God Chronos.

Without you realizing it, fine lines and relaxation of the skin settled on your pretty Frimousse.

Now, every time you cross your reflection in a mirror, you feel like you are crossing a Saint-Bernard ...

Formerly, it is compulsory to use a facelift to allow your skin to become firm again.In 2021, a new aesthetic medicine technique was born.

Using the absorbable notched wires, a surgeon is able to renounce the epidermis.

Less risky than facelift, which can be made on an outpatient, this method is more and more followers.

Re -enlist your silhouette thanks to the power of the cold

Sun, snaping nose, snaps, frightening in the hands ... The cold does not always have a good reputation.However, from the early 1970s, researchers quickly realized that he helps keep the line.Decades later, this postulate gave birth to an aesthetic medicine technique that makes millions of people happy.

Cryolipolysis is a radical technique to naturally eliminate subcutaneous fats.For a maximum of three minutes, the body is exposed to a temperature oscillating between -110 and -140 ° C.Under the effect of this thermal shock, the adipose cells retract, thus standing out of the tissues.Subsequently, adipocytes are eliminated by the urine.

Note that the results are visible from the first session.In addition, if you want to refine only a precise area of your body, it is possible to use targeted cryolipolysis.

Create cosmetic products and care in your image

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You are not alone ... The little blue planet is home to more than 7 billion people.Add to that the formidable efficiency of genetic brewing and you will understand why it was urgent to create tailor -made care.

In 2021, personalized services experienced a spectacular boom.From now on, it is possible to design your day cream depending on your skin type, your lifestyle or your age.Likewise, aesthetic care such as scrubs or envelopes take into account as close as possible to the real needs of customers.

In 2021, you are the king.Be treated as such ...