Let us favor our well-being and take care of our feet!

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Our feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that wear us every day, without our taking care of it sufficiently.

To have a good body posture, avoid the feeling of heavy feet, you have to take care of your feet, pamper them, hydrate them, massage them ... Do not worry, fortunately, there are many beauty treatments that you can use on a daily basis to have beautiful healthy and fit feet throughout the day.

The interior appearance must be included in our well -being routine as well as the external aspect.

A simple massage of foot plants can help calm the mind, help improve heart rate and fully ensure a pure moment of relaxation.

Why do our feet need us?

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This area of the body is drier.It also supports all our body weight throughout the day.In addition, our feet is characterized by the absence of an important substance for the organism which is the sebaceous gland (it is responsible for the synthesis and secretion of the fats which enter into the formation of the hydrolipidic membrane).Indeed, to defend itself, the skin of the foot forms a barrier by thickening it, especially in the heels and toes.

Pedicure treatments such as essential oils and stones soften the skin thick and restore softness to the feet.This feet treatment does not take much time: a few minutes are enough to appreciate the effect and relieve the painful area.It really makes you want to try these treatments now to have smooth and very soft feet.While you are waiting to take care of your feet throughout the year.

Do we need to hydrate our feet every day?

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Especially if we try to reduce the thickening and hardening of the skin.Yes, we mainly use moisturizers of the heel with foot finger.

Once or twice a week (it depends on your skin type, if you have dry feet, you can use it up to three to four times a week);Take a relaxing bath for your feet (especially when you spend a tiring and stressful day) at home or going to the beauty salon or the spa.Backs by a scrub to eliminate dead cells and at the same time moisturize the skin and then use a cream for a relaxing massage until the blood circulates all over the foot, and ending by putting a few drops of an essential oil (oil oilArgan, lavender oil ...) on your feet and nails to strengthen relaxation.

Some tips for taking care of your beautiful feet:

▪ Use a cream adapted to your feet every day to bring them the relief they deserve.
▪ When you go to bed, choose a beauty mask at your feet, it will allow you to have smooth and soft feet.
▪ Add a color shower to your nails as you do for your hands: base + colored varnish + top coat.
▪ Avoid leaving the nail polish for several weeks and using a nail cleaner to avoid drying your nails.
▪ Also leave your nails natural a few days between two pedicures to help them breathe.