How to embellish your hair after a beach vacation?

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Summer holidays are the moment that we have fun between family and friends, these good times remaining in our heads, as for our hair, it is rarely that they have good memories during the summer.Indeed, between sea salt, sand, pool chlorine, frequent washes, sun's rays or lack of care, ending summer with damaged, forks and rough hair.How do you then act in this case?

Cutting your hair is not the only aggressive solution, there are other softer solutions: treating it by nourishing them in depth, rehydrating and revitalizing them.

1. Form a healthy and energized base in your hair

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The fact that you can see your eyes is not necessarily linked to a lack of sleep ...

Did you know that dehydration could cause drowsiness?

Cut your tips

Refreshing your haircut does not mean cutting everything but to give more volume to the hair by cutting the strands that are constantly split, one centimeter or two are more than enough.This broken hair is the most damaged parts during your vacation and which cannot be repaired. Purify your hair.

Salt, sand and chlorine residues can tend to stay on your hair for a long time.To eliminate them, applies a purifying scrub on your damp hair and gently masses the scalp in order to clean your hair well and give them its softness.

2. Nourish your hair and put on good hydration

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Nourish your hair with oils Your hair is tired, fragile and dull, do not hesitate to feed it. .

THe hair is tired, fragile and dull, do not hesitate to feed them.Applies of coconut oil, argan, jojoba or even sweet almond on your hair before going to bed, let it put it for a few minutes, then it will be enough to use your shampoo.

This oil bath is ideally repeated once a week and you will surely see the change, your hair will be smoother, more silky and fully rejuvenated.

3. Hydrate your hair with repairing masks

After spending the summer under the sun, your hair will become very ruined, even dehydrated.To treat them, a mask contains ingredients such as: honey, aloe vera or fruit compotes ...

will do.These ingredients are great hair allies that will gently repair your broken tips, hydrate and calm the scalp.

4. Prepare your hair for autumn with a food supplement cure

Fall is the period when your hair falls and becomes fragile in the face of temperature variations.To strengthen and maintain their structure and avoid breakage, boost them with food supplements.

These nutritional supplements help your hair stay in great shape throughout the year.They will also do good to your skin and the whole body.

What are you waiting for to protect your hair and please them after the summer period!Your hair is only thank you if you pamper it after a long exposure to brilliant sun rays.