Dry bodily brushing: from exfoliation to lymphatic drainage, the benefits do not stop there ...

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Without a doubt, we all dream of displaying fresh, shiny and smoother skin ... Devote a little time to take care of your beauty, offer a cocooning moment and enjoy little things.

Natural skin care can be provided to maintain our health and contribute to our physical and moral well-being.Through the dry bodily brushing technique, you can be benevolence, indulgence and sweetness against your skin.

What is dry brushing?

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Dry brushing is a body care technique known in ancient times to rub and embellish the body.

This is a full hygiene gesture that you can benefit from in a spa center, but it is also a very simple treatment to do simply in your house while enjoying its multiple beauty virtues.A few minutes and a brush with thick hairs, that's all you need to make your skin beautiful and in full energy.

What does dry brushing bring us?

Stimulate blood circulation

Dry brushing boosts your blood circulation and it fights against problems that threaten the skin: embodied hairs, psoriasis or even pimples.

Help lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system.Which plays a major role;Travel the lymph via vessels in the body thanks to the action of the muscles and the blood system.As a result, the dry brushing method stimulates the lethargic lymph, eliminates toxins and helps the entire body to detoxify naturally.

Sweet exfoliate

The exfoliating effect of dry brushing is very often observed from the first days of use.It will allow you to improve the texture of your skin for a smooth, invigorated and purer complexion.The soft brush with natural hair also helps to naturally eliminate cells from the skin and squatched skin. Reduce cellulite and distribute fat Since dry brushing stimulates the circulation of lymph in the body, it would also have a positive effect: effectively helping to make the capitons disappear, clean the fat accumulated under the skin and improve the toning of the tissues.

Booster of natural energy

The few minutes devoted to this ritual of natural care bring a feeling of freshness, relaxation and rejuvenation.Dry brushing is pleasant for the body, it facilitates relaxation and decongests the numb ends.

How to brush your body?

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Now that you have known the multiple benefits of dry bodily brushing, it's time to go back in order to do it correctly:
- Choose a natural brush with sufficiently flexible fiber hairs.
- For the legs, brushes the feet, go up to the back of the knees then to the thigh while performing light and soft movements ...
- For the arms, start with the palm to the shoulders.
- The upper body is the most sensitive part of the body.As a result, brush gently towards the center of the body.