Beard as hair: you have to take care of it!

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As a good gentleman, out of the question for you to go without checking your appearance. Always head held high, you are a model for these gentlemen and an object of lust for these ladies.Among the secrets of your beauty is a ritual regularly practiced by men.

Each man knows nothing but suffering resulting from poor shaving too much.This is why, like your hair, this section of your body requires special care.Well maintained, your beard will be smooth, silky and as bright as satin. Bichonnes your beard.Draw it with respect and give it back to the hundredfold.So that your beard becomes one of your seduction assets, it is to respect three steps.Shampoo, size and hydration must become reflexes.

How often and what to wash your beard with?

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Generally, barbers recommend cleaning your beard two to three times a week.Obviously, the frequency to be adopted depends largely on the long of your goat.

If it is short, wash your beard once a week will be more than enough.On the other hand, if your face is as provided as that of a Canadian lumberjack, ready to shampoo your chin at least three times a week.

Speaking of shampoo, it is necessary to underline a point: dermatological soap makes the beard dry.If, like many men, you use your shower gel or your dermatological bread to wash your beard, it's time to stop.Likewise, hair products are not suitable for this area of your anatomy.

To make your beard shine, try to invest a little more in a beard shampoo.You will not regret it.

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When is it necessary to cut your beard?

Again, the answer to this question is intrinsically linked to the style you want to wear, and by ricochet, to the length of your hair.If you want to keep a 3-day beard, go to a living room 2 times a week.For longer beards, let go for six weeks between each visit to the barber.

Even if you have a pair of sharp scissors, above all, resistant to the desire to cut your beard yourself.Despite your good will, it is unlikely that your talents compete with those of a professional.

What’s the secret behind having a beautiful beard?

Just like your hair, your beard is made of hairs that require water and nutrients to be at the best of their shape.Morning or evening, appliques of the moisturizing lotion for beard so that your goat does not lose anything of his superb.

By following these three stages of disconcerting simplicity, your beard will be of resplendent beauty.What are you waiting for to start?